For the homeowner, Botonde provides a way to find and easily contact local contractors for your home or business. There is no need to set up an account. No need to provide an email address. Botonde puts you in direct contact with local contractors who provide the specific services you are looking for.

For the contractor, Botonde serves several purposes. Botonde helps you find local clients through our Contractor Business Profile Pages, giving the customer the ability to learn about your business, view some of your impressive work and easily find your contact information. Your customers have no account to sign up for and there are no referral fees passed on to you. Customers finding your contact information is completely free.

Botonde also provides contractors with our proprietary Take-Off Creator system. A system that manages your customer information, materials, costs, labor and generates your completely customizable estimates. We even offer advanced systems that are completely contractor profession specific (like Decking or Tiling), where just by entering a few measurements and answering a few questions, your Take-Off is completely calculated for you–including materials. Materials orders are broken out by supplier for easy ordering and custom estimates are generated in seconds.

Botonde was started by Robert Rotonde and Richard Bogath. The partnership between a lifelong contractor and online entrepreneur has led to the creation of a system that finally allows contractors to do what they do best and leave the calculating and time-consuming parts of running a contracting business to us. We’re thrilled to bring this time and money saving system to your contracting business. We welcome your feedback and eagerly seek to constantly improve in the future.


Rich Bogath

Rob Rotonde