Botonde Protects Your Sensitive Information

Botonde Protects Your Sensitive Information

With everything going on in Ukraine and the fears that Russia will ramp up their cyber attack activities, it makes perfect sense that business owners can be nervous about their sensitive data. There are many contractors out there who don’t necessarily trust computers to begin with. With the added concerns of some foreign hacker compromising or wiping out all your customer information, estimates, notes, pricing and purchase orders, some might say that pen and paper might be nostalgic, but worth the trouble for security. Well we’ve got your back– Botonde protects your sensitive information. Here’s how.

We Keep Up With Security!

The Take Off Creator is available to you by website or app from anywhere on earth. We maintain a strong back-end defense and keep up with all the latest security updates and recommendations by the hosting and security companies that we deal with. Multiple redundant companies ensure that no one has dropped the ball and that the website and app remain fully functional, safe and secure.

The Real Treasure Is In Our Data

Over the years, we’ve seen hackers attack websites to infect with malware and cause destruction. But more common these days are the lucrative financial gains they can get from stealing and selling data. Fortunately, we encrypt data easily using the latest technology available. That way even if some data did get stolen (rare, but there’s always a small chance that it might be) then it’s no big deal as the encryption key is very long and rotates constantly. This constant cycle of re-encrypting makes any stolen data impossible to decipher.

What all this means: You’re Safe In Our Hands 

When we created the Botonde company, we took pride in being able to keep things simple for the contractor using our product. That pride extends well into the modern, complicated world of cyber security, but it’s nothing that you will have to concern yourself with. For as long as you’re using our product and services, you have unlimited estimates and take offs to create. Unlimited potential and paying customers to keep. And artisan services to provide to your clients. Let us worry about keeping you safe and secure from cyber threats when using the Botonde Take Off Creator. It’s what we do.

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We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We advocate for peace and an immediate withdrawal by Russian forces.