Contractor Business Promotion Page – Botonde.com

Contractor Business Promotion Page – Botonde.com

Now live! – Each contractor account comes with a business promotion page that shows your business information. This includes the contractor’s logo and contact information for potential clients to find. Consider your own little business webpage for no additional cost!

So what’s so cool about a business page?

The business pages on Botonde is so valuable because everything a customer needs to contact the contractor is included. Customers can choose to either email or call the contractor directly from the same page. There is no need for the customer to set up or log into an account of any kind. There are NO fees for a customer contacting the contractor on Botonde. Rather be contacted through social media? No problem, as direct links to all your social media pages are also included.

What else?

The business pages are also where customers can read reviews of the contractor’s services from real, verified customers. This is also where they can see any endorsements made of the contractor. The more endorsements and reviews–the more reliable the contractor is likely to be.

What does it mean to be endorsed?

An endorsed contractor means that another contractors has gone out of their way to vouch for their work. Endorsing another contractor helps both the endorsee and the endorsor. They just need to make sure the reviews coming in from customers are positive.

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