Decking Contractor Question about the Take-Off Creator

Decking Contractor Question about the Take-Off Creator

Question: “What happens if you have a deck that has angles and is not just a box configuration?” – Paul

Answer: Part of the beauty of the Botonde Take-Off Creator is the customizable nature it has. Whether the decking project you are working on is squared off, round, has odd angles or any combination of these options– you as the deck builder are the artist. Simply apply your plans, schematics, blueprints or whatever else you are using to create this project and make whatever minor adjustments you need to the materials list to account for any waste materials or over orders that might be placed. Regardless of the shape of your creation – length and width are always constants. Building codes are always constants. Simply use what the Take-Off Creator has done for you and adjust to your specific needs. We know you take pride in what you do – this system was created to work for you and not dictate how you may be restricted in any way.

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