What is Botonde and the Take-off creator?

What is Botonde and the Take-off creator?

We have been working so hard to finally bring this to you. As contractors… we get it. My business partner and I have over 60 years combined in the business (him in Decking and general contracting & myself in online small business development). Finally, hundreds of testing hours later, we present you with the ultimate tool for the Decking & Railing contracting industry (to start with).

The Botonde Take-Off Creator is designed to help contractors with creating take-off’s and estimates. It also pulls together materials orders, providing quotes to clients and maintaining easy, long-term access to projects. The goal in creating this is to save the contractor hours of calculations, help eliminate errors, simplify material ordering and allow the focus of the work to be on the project.

As a decking and railing contractor, my business partner found that the most frustrating part of the entire process of selling designs and work was making the estimate. So much could go wrong if the calculations were off. Project delays happened if he didn’t figure the labor correctly. Not to mention the ordering of materials was painful because getting certain materials from all different suppliers was just too much to keep track of. Many times everything just got ordered from one supplier for the convenience. Despite paying more for the materials, it meant that so much money could be lost due to errors.

The Take-Off Creator is the system that takes in all the details and variables of a project. It then makes the proper calculations in order to help put together your material orders and create estimates for clients. The system uses a simple, step-by-step interface through the website, using any desktop/laptop computer.

Want to watch a short video which kind of shows you what it’s about?

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