Shelter-In-Place Can Mean Opportunity For Contractors

Shelter-In-Place Can Mean Opportunity For Contractors

As of this writing, 3/23/20, those states with current, active shelter-in-place orders (New York, New Jersey, California and Illinois) have deemed that residential construction is to be considered “essential business”, while the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Pennsylvania also has such an order in place, however, they have decided that only emergency construction is to be considered essential. What that means for contractors in the USA is that they may continue to operate pretty much as usual. While existing clients as well as potential clients are hunkered down at home, shelter-in-place can mean opportunity for contractors.

Also important to remember is the fact that material providers, subcontractors, and others services needed in the course of providing housing construction, repair, and remodeling will also remain open. While some counties and townships may have closed their offices with regard to obtaining permits and performing inspections, that does not mean you cannot plan with clients, provide estimates and secure materials.

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Consider the possibilities of such a captive audience, but be prepared to make certain assurances to those potential clients about the precautions you will take before visiting their home to speak with them–if at all.

Yes, there is the financial aspect of this to consider as well. Many people are now temporarily out of work and nerves are raw with respect to what the future may hold for them. This is your opportunity to extend irresistible deals with regard to your pricing and timeframes for job completion. Not that you should give away the store, but smaller deposition, generous payment plans and open-ended completion times can get a lot of wheels turning and prompt an opening of the checkbook.

At the risk of making this post sound like a “Life lemons made into lemonaide”, lets just focus on the fact that opportunities abound even in times of crisis or perceived crisis. Also take the opportunity to check out what Botonde can do for your contracting business – Click here.

Now go build something for someone.

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