What Are Botonde Modules?

What Are Botonde Modules?

If you are a contractor that is considering using Botonde for your business, you may find yourself wondering if the modules you keep hearing about are actually worth the time? If you are wondering “what are Botonde modules”, here is a brief explanation as to how essential they are for your business.

The Botonde website can be utilized by any contractor to help find new local business (no referral fees). Those contractors with specialties (like Decking, Tile and Painting) can also make use of specialized “modules” that are included with the Botonde site. These modules help make all your calculations, specify materials, generate material orders from your suppliers and send estimates to your clients. All the data is safely stored on the Botonde website in your private account and only accessible by the account holder.

So what does that mean, exactly?

Here’s a brief step-by-step:

1 Enter in your basic client information to help identify the project.

2 Answer a few brief questions about the job and specify which materials are to be used from our database (or add your own).

3 Enter in your labor details for the job.

4 The module then makes all the calculations for you, specifies the amounts of materials you will need for the job and puts together your Take-Off and Customer estimate. All completely editable for any changes you wish to make.

5 When you are happy with the Take-Off and with the touch of a button, your material orders will be generated. Each of your suppliers and can be emailed directly, or print it out to fax or hand to your suppliers. Same goes for your customer estimate–email it directly to the customer or print and hand it in person.

That’s all there is to it! We are constantly building new modules and improving the existing ones. Why spend hours on your estimates and Take-Off’s? No contracts–No obligations, and unlimited use of our modules with your Botonde Membership.

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